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A. Statement Issue Cost
Duplicate Instrument Print Free
Any Certificate/ Statement/ Letter Free
B. Duties, Taxes & Levies (as per Prevailing NBR Regulations and Government directives)
B1. Income Tax (Deducted at Source)
Types of the payee Rate
Where the payee is a company 20%
Where the payee is a person other than a company 10%
Where the payee is a public university, or an educational institution whose teachers are enlisted for Monthly Pay Order (MPO), following the curriculum approved by the Government and whose governing body is also formed as per Government rules or regulations, or any professional institute established under any law and run by professional body of Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants or Chartered Secretaries 10%
Where the payee is recognized provident fund, approved gratuity fund, approved superannuation fund or pension fund 5%
  • Note: Where the payee being a person required to submit return under section 75 of the Income Tax Ordinance 1984, fails to furnish proof of submission of return, the rate of deduction shall be 50% higher.
B2. Excise Duty (Yearly Per Account)
Description of Services Excise Duty Rate
Balance up to Tk.1 Lac NIL
Balance above Tk.1 Lac but not more than Tk.5 Lac Tk.150.00
Balance above Tk.5 Lac but not more than Tk.10 Lac Tk.500.00
Balance above Tk.10 Lac but not more than Tk.1 Crore Tk.3,000.00
Balance above Tk.1 Crore but not more than Tk.5 Crore Tk.15,000.00
Balance above Tk.5 Crore Tk.50,000.00
C. RTGS Cost
RTGS Cost (Reimbursement) At Actual