Under this scheme, your money is deposited for a fixed period of time and interest is capitalized with the principal at each year.

Benefits of Term Deposit Schemes:

- Safe investment
- High Return
- Flexible and diversified products tailored for your need
- No incidental costs
- Premature encashment allowed after completion of minimum duration
- Any Individual or Firm or Corporate House is eligible to participate in the Deposit Scheme of United Finance
- Best consumer service
- Loan facility up to 80%-90% of investment amount

Type of Term Deposit Schemes:

Annual Profit Term Deposit

- A fixed return investment allowing you to withdraw or reinvest profit or principal at maturity

Cumulative Term Deposit

- Under this scheme profit from your invested amount will be capitalized at the end of each year (after AIT deduction), creating a new principal.
- Profit for next year will then be calculated on the full amount.

Features of Term Deposit Schemes:

- Senior citizens (individuals aged 57+) will get 0.25% higher profit rate.

Key Conditions:

- All term deposit schemes, the minimum deposit amount is Tk. 10,000/-.
- The term deposit cannot be encashed before 3 months

Required Documents:

- United Finance Deposit Account Opening Form duly filled in and signed
- A cheque or Pay Order in favor of 'United Finance Limited'
- Copy of Passport or National ID of the applicant, co-applicant and nominee
- One recent color photograph of the applicant
- One recent color photograph of nominee, attested by the applicant
- Copy of E-TIN certificate (if any)

Account Opening Procedure:

- Drop the application form along with the cheque and necessary documents to your nearest and convenient branch location of United Finance
- Account will be opened as soon as the cheque is cleared, and account certificate will be available within the next day
- You can also contact our customer service, we will attach an associate with you
- Your account will be opened and duly delivered to you by the deposit associate