United Finance offers Lease financing facility to the large, medium & small enterprises to procure assets i.e. machinery, vehicle in order to expand or modernize their business operation.

Benefits of Lease:

- United Finance provides 80%-100% lease financing for a period of 3-5 years; giving you the opportunity to avoid capital investment and utilize the fund elsewhere
- Your lease rentals can be structured as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually to match with your cash flow generation
- Lease financing has been customized into a number of facilities like, lease local, sale & lease back and lease foreign; allowing you to lease new or existing asset from local or foreign vendor
- As United Finance is providing the capital or financial lease, at the termination of contracts you will have the opportunity to renew the lease or purchase the asset with a minimum transfer price
- You can prepay and adjust full or partial amount with receivable only after adjustment of first six installments
- Construction of repayment schedule using this method allows you to pay lower interest as principal payments are gradually adjusted with receivables
- Lease rentals are treated as revenue expenditure and are entirely deductable for tax purposes; thus providing a greater tax benefit for you in comparison to borrowing

Lease Provides:

- Industrial machinery and motor vehicles at concessionary term
- Machinery and furniture for hospital use
- Renovation/extension of existing office chamber/space (for professionals)
- Truck or bus for transportation
- Equipment or furniture for official use