It is a unique monthly savings scheme that gives the depositor an opportunity to save money for the future as well as provide peace of mind that the scheme benefit will be paid even in the case of sudden demise of the first depositor.

The monthly instalments have built-in life insurance coverage that assures that the maturity value will be paid to the nominee in case of first depositor’s death due to any cause (details will be available in the original Group Insurance Policy Contract).

Benefits of Insured Deposit Scheme (IDS):

- Safe investment with high return
- Flexible and diversified products tailored for your need
- Insured Deposit Scheme is allowed only for individuals
- Premature encashment allowed after completion of minimum duration (3 months)
- Best consumer service
- No incidental costs

Eligibility Criteria:

- Any Bangladeshi citizen can apply
- Age range between 18 to 56 years

Features of Insured Deposit Scheme (IDS):

- A depositor can save Tk. 1,000 (minimum) to Tk. 25,000 (maximum) per month
- Tenure is 3 to 5 years

Terms & Conditions:

- Instalments must be deposited through cheque/cash/BEFTN within 15th day of each month at the bank nominated by United Finance
- Opening deposit must be made by Account Payee Cheque/Pay Order/Bank Draft only in favor of United Finance
- The scheme will be closed if three consecutive monthly instalments are not paid within stipulated time
- There can be more than one beneficiary for a single IDS Scheme, if share of multiple beneficiaries are not specified, all beneficiaries will get equal share
- Assurance of scheme benefit in case of sudden demise of the Sole/First Depositor is subject to the terms and conditions stated in the Group Insurance Policy Contract
- Any benefit from United Finance IDS is subject to income tax, excise duty or any other levy as determined by the Government of Bangladesh
- A leading Insurance Company is the underwriter of this scheme
- Insurance Company's decision about settlement of claims shall be final and binding

Required Documents:

- United Finance Deposit Account Opening Form duly filled in and signed
- A cheque or Pay Order in favor of 'United Finance Limited'
- Copy of Passport or National ID of the applicant, co-applicant and nominee
- One recent color photograph of the applicant
- One recent color photograph of nominee, attested by the applicant
- Copy of E-TIN certificate (if any)

Account Opening Procedure:

- Drop the application form along with the cheque and necessary documents to your nearest and convenient branch location of United Finance
- Account will be opened as soon as the cheque is cleared, and account certificate will be available within the next day
- You can also contact our customer service, we will attach an associate with you
- Your account will be opened and duly delivered to you by the deposit associate