United Finance’s Affordable Home Loan is a housing finance solution that has been catered to suit your needs. With many attractive benefits, the home you always wanted is no longer a dream.

Benefits of Affordable Home Loan:


- Pay monthly instalments within financial limit considering age and disposable income; so that it does not create burden on EMI payments


- We provide financial advisory service at pre-sanction point and post disbursement service regarding best construction practices


- Have option of partial payment or early re-payment with convenient conditions

Interest Payment

- Variable rate of interest depending on market condition; thus you can avail the benefits of money market movement
- Pay interest only on partly drawn loan amount; thus low interest payment at IDCP period
- Interest payment on reducing balance

Tax benefit

- Can avail Income Tax Rebate on annual interest payment on Home Loan
- Can avail Municipality Holding Tax rebate

Eligibility Criteria:

Earning regularly from a sustainable source of employment, business or service.

Loans available for:

- Construction/extension/repair/renovation of home/apartment
- Purchase of home/apartment
- Development/purchase/renovation of offices for professionals and under special consideration development of commercial space

Loan Amount:

Maximum loan amount is Tk. 75 lacs subject to maximum loan to value (i.e. value of the property/construction cost/purchase price) ratio.

Interest Rate:

Interest rate is variable (i.e. floating) and tagged with prevailing Annual Profit Term Deposit (APTD) rate of United Finance.


You will repay the entire loan by Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) comprises of principal and interest calculated on the basis of monthly rests at the rate of interest applicable.

Repayment Term:

The maximum tenure is determined by the age of the applicant. The loan must expire on or before the 58th birthday of the applicant or as per prevailing regulation of Bangladesh Bank (whichever is lower).

Interest During Construction Period (IDCP):

The interest during construction period (IDCP) is same rate as the interest rate at point of sanction and will be calculated on the disbursed loan amount. IDCP is encouraged to be paid monthly.


Loan is disbursed to you in single tranche or in suitable tranches to be decided by United Finance with reference to the need or progress of construction/renovation/extension of the house.


Registered mortgage of the property financed will be the prime security. Other security may also be taken on the discretion of the Management.


Your loan can be prepaid partially or in full, at any time before its maturity date. Prepayment within 12 months of its execution, a charge as per prevailing Schedule of Fees and Charges of United Finance is applicable.


Insurance is applicable as per prevailing Standard Insurance Practice of United Finance.