You will receive a fixed monthly or quarterly return against your deposit. This is an ideal scheme for senior citizens who wish to preserve their retirement funds and at the same time want to earn interest to meet recurring expenses.

Benefits of Earner Schemes:

- Safe investment with fixed regular returns
- Flexible and diversified products tailored for your need
- No incidental costs
- Premature encashment allowed after completion of minimum duration
- Any Individual or Firm or Corporate House is eligible to participate in the Deposit Scheme of United Finance
- Maximum loan facility is 60% of the investment amount (conditions apply)

Type of Earner Schemes:

- Monthly Earner Deposit
- Quarterly Earner Deposit

Features of Earner Schemes:

- Minimum deposit amount for quarterly and monthly earner deposit scheme is Tk 50,000/-
- Term of the scheme ranges from 12 months to 60 months
- Earner Scheme is available for both individual and institutional customers

Key Conditions:

- Senior citizens (individuals aged 57+) will be paid 0.25% higher profit rate for Quarterly and Monthly Earner Term Deposit products.
- The Earner Deposit cannot be encashed before 3 months.

Required Documents for Individual Depositor:

- United Finance Deposit Account Opening Form duly filled in and signed
- A cheque or Pay Order in favor of 'United Finance Limited'
- Copy of Passport or National ID of the applicant and co-applicant
- One recent color photograph of the applicant
- One recent color photograph of nominee, attested by the applicant

Account Opening Procedure:

- Drop the application form along with the cheque and necessary documents to our extended office at Noor Tower
- Account will be opened as soon as the cheque is cleared, and account certificate will be available within the next day
- You can also contact our customer service, we will attach an associate with you
- Your account will be opened and duly delivered to you by the deposit associate