Credit-Sale Financing is a mode of financing receivables arising out of supply of goods or delivery of services on credit. This revolving short term financing facility enables the suppliers/service providers to realize the maximum portion of the payment soon after the delivery is made to the buyer.

Benefits of Credit Sale Financing:

- We provide loan facility up to certain limits
- Working Capital Solutions helps you to avoid further credit to pay off suppliers, as funds are directed to partners
- Suppliers or customers will receive payments right after the delivery of goods or services; therefore funds are no longer tied up in receivables
- Release of funds from the Balance Sheet resulting in improvement in financial ratios
- Steady source of working capital finance increases purchasing power of your channel partners, resulting higher sales and profitability
- Simplicity of documentation and approval procedures
- You can use Working Capital Solutions as a marketing tool and strengthen relationship with your Partners

Eligibility Criteria:

Facility is available to all industries that provide services or deliver products to corporate entities i.e. institutional buyer/ debtor. As a rule of thumb:
- Your business must sell to a credit worthy debtor/buyer on a regular basis
- A receivable/ invoice/ bill that can be verified or has an acceptance by the institutional buyer/debtor
- Having multiple institutional buyers/debtors is even better
- Subject to clean CIB report from Bangladesh Bank

Value Added Services:

Sales Ledger Administration:

- It administers and provides detailed reports of the Sales Ledger that are very helpful for the Client/Supplier's management decision making

Follow Up & Physical Collection:

- It follows up collection in a structured process and ensures physical collection of payment from Buyers located at different geographical locations

Advisory Services:

- Assist the Client/Supplier by making suggestion about the credit rating of a Buyer and thus enable the Client/Supplier to fix proper credit limit for each Buyer